SOVAWIN 5.5' 3G RAM Android 2K HD Wifi HDMI Video Box All In One VR Headset 3D Glasses With VR Controller

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5.5' 3G RAM Android 2K HD Wifi HDMI Video Box Smart Glasses Virtual Reality All In One VR Headset 3D Glasses With VR Controller   


4-core processor
3G running memory   with 16G  memory
2K HD screen2560*1440
120 degree angle of view
Built-in 4000mAh battery
SHARP 2K HD screen 




SHARP 2K HD screen 
H4 with 2560*1440 HD screen
clearer than 1080P
Resolution 2560*1440 ,
Picture is exquisite,More beautiful and clearer


Anti-blue lenses
Innovative Blue Lenses Technology
Effectively prevent fatigue,isolated from Blu-ray damage eyes,
do not splash,visual reality,HD,to bring you a visual enjoyment 
at the same time,also give a good care for your eyes.


Support myopia
Anti-Blu-ray lenses, effectively filter blue light, protect eyes, and support naked eye viewing under 600 degrees myopia


HDMI interface ,Easy connection and play
Can connect to computer copy, connect mouse keyboard



Smooth running    easy viewing
Quad-core ARM Cortex A53 architecture,clocked at 1.7G Guarantee to watch movies play games
3G DDR3 running memory
16GB EMMC built-in storage
Compatible with FLASH
Subversive vision Born to HD
The GPU uses the PowerVR G6230, 60Hz refresh rate,
When dealing with games and movies, it is more than sufficient to reduce the vertigo of VR.
VR ALL IN ONE machine gives you a different visual experience
4000MAH polymer battery
Lasts for more than 3 hours of video playback
Based on Android 5.1 custom Nibru operating system, intelligent power saving
120° field of view
Wait for you to enjoy the visual feast
The five major benefits of sensors
The VR all in one  immersed in the enjoyment and unstoppable experience through hearing, sight and touch.
Five sensors should be systematically capturing body movements
Optical Sensing
Distance sensing
Buil-in speaker
Cinematic experience, waiting for you to enjoy the visual feast
Stimulate immersive gaming experience
Presenting a real world of games so you can play whenever you want
Special 3D three-dimensional dynamic gaming experience is like an immersive  fidelity
With Bluetooth handle, easier to control and stronger sense of integration
Double lens independent adjustment
Supports interpupillary distance adjustment and focal length adjustment
Experience reality Different world
Classic casual Ingenious
Removable suction front cover, the front part increases the heat dissipation area and solves the problem of hand heat dissipation
Breathable cooling mask, soft and comfortable, with cooling holes and anti-sweat design
Distance sensor
Equipped with a high-sensitivity distance sensor, the sensor will let the VR automatically go to sleep when you remove the helmet
Gift:Bluetooth Remote Controller