ANTVR 2 Virtual Reality Glasses Headset for PC

ANTVR 2 Virtual Reality Glasses Headset for PC

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The ANTVR Cyclop is an immersive virtual reality headset kit which comes with 2 controllers. The headset is a display device which you put on your head, blocking your sight&hearing from the real world, leading you into the VR world.

Please download the instruction and software here:
Package included:
1 x VR Headset (with a picture in front of the headset)
2 x VRControllers
1 x Gamepad
We will ship you a VR glasses for phone as a FREE GIFT.
5 biggest advantages over other competitors like HTC Vive, Oculus Rift and PS VR:
1. Flagship configurations
Resolution: 2160*1200
Screen: OLED dual displays
Refresh rate: 90hz
2. Premium optical design
FOV: 110 degree
Lenses: distortion-free fresnel lenses
Glasses-friendly: yes
Light leakage-free nose rest
3. A world of contents
SteamVR contents
4. Inovated design
Adaptive IPD adjustment
LCLV viewing windows
Built in HiFi standard earphones
5. High standard manufacturing
Premium engineering quality
Professional supply chain
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