Fiit VR 5F headset version Fan cooling virtual reality glasses 3D glasses Deluxe Edition for Smartphones

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Product Material parameters Material:

-Body: ABS raw materialand white high gloss -Lens: Aspherical Lens -Lens diameter: 42mm, -Magnification: 6x -FOV: 112 degrees -Adjustable focal length: 10mm -Adjustable IPD: 13mm. -Myopia: Support max 600 degrees naked eye watching -Cover with fan cooling hollow cover (ABS material) -Architrave leather PU leather (Thickness: 10mm) -Headband: ABS+ leather (headband) -Lens cleaning cloth: Advanced suede material, anti-static, dust-proof 120*120mm

Product Technical Parameters:

1.Viewing Angle (FOV): HD magnification, 6.0x, 112° panoramic viewing angle (HD magnification, 6.0-fold, 112-degree view); 2.Applicable Phone size (Suitable size): 4.0-6.33" ( Max length: 168mm, Max Width:83.5mm); 3.Adapt to the phone configuration and Best effect configuration:screen: 5.5"-6.3"; 4.Mobile phone system support: Android, IOS, Microsoft; 5.IPD adjustment: Synchronous movement around adjustable IPD,IPD adjustable range up to 13mm, adjustable range from 57mm~70mm;Adapt myopia and adjust focal length: 0-600 ° supports naked eye viewing, one-touch rotation to adjust the object distance. 6. Fan: Three-in-one interface: Android mobile phone interface, iphone mobile phone interface, power interface, power supply using mobile phone charger or powerbanks 7.Video player: 3D around split screen video playback support 8.Technical Support: The game and movie are highly compatible with professional game plugins.