Samsung Gear VR 4.0 3D Built-in Gyro Sensor Headset for Samsung Galaxy S9 S9Plus S8 S8+ S6 S6 Edge+ S7 S7 Edge

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Gear VR 4.0 3D Glasses Built-in Gyro Sensor Virtual Reality Headset for Samsung Galaxy S9 S9Plus S8 S8+ S6 S6 Edge+ S7 S7 Edge



Main Features:

1.Larger, more flat touchpad, only need to click or sliding, accurate control can be realized.
External USB port, it is not only the power of the VR interface, and can be inserted into the USB OTG USB memory card, you can store video, images and music, the smartphone space, can be expanded memory storage.
3.New home screen button, can return to the "my application" page directly.
4.When using gear vr, not only can easily check the voice messages or answering the telephone, through the Pass - Throngh camera Settings, do not need to remove the gear vr, can direct the outside world


Size: 207.8*122.5*98.6mm
Weight: 345g
Horizon: 101 degrees of vision
Material: toughened glass,environmental protection material
The sensor: acceleration sensor,gyro sensor,proximity sensor
Compatible phones: Galaxy S9,S9Plus,S8, S8+, Note5, S6,  S6 Edge, S6 Edge+, S7, S7 Edge, Note7
The Mini remote only support android system, it does not support IOS system.
If you need games' APP, feel free to email us, leave us your private email, we will send you the files. Any question about the product, do not hesitate  to inquiry us, or read the instruction.


Type 1:1* Gear 4.0 3D VR Glasses 
Type 2:1* Gear 4.0 3D VR Glasses + 1*Black Bluetooth Remote + 1*Manual(without battery)
Type 3:1* Gear 4.0 3D VR Glasses + 1*White Bluetooth Remote + 1*Manual(without battery)
Type 4:1* Gear 4.0 3D VR Glasses + 1*Mini Black Bluetooth Remote + 1*Manual(with battery)
Type 5:1* Gear 4.0 3D VR Glasses + 1*Bluetooth Gamepad + 1*Manual(with battery)
Type 6:1* Gear 4.0 3D VR Glasses + 1*Mocute Bluetooth Remote + 1*Manual(with battery)

Notice:(the order is without retail package)

Every Gear 4.0 3D VR Glasses is 100% Original.In order to give you 100% protection of your purchasing glasses and also save tons of shipping cost for useless heavy package, we will update the shipping your package with PVC Package like the photo.
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