TiYiViRi - VR All In One Virtual PC Glasses Virtual Reality Goggles 3D Headset for PS4 one Game Console 2560*1440 Android 5.1 VR All

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3D Virtual PC Glasses All In One Virtual Reality Glasses 2560*1440 for PC PS 4 Xbox One Host 5.5 Inch Screen FHD Display
Advantage of V8Pro
3D gaming experience:
HDMI connection to the computer, Xbox and PS series game console, play large popular games, large screen high resolution 2560 * 1440
Optimized Nibiru OS Android 5.1:
Based on Android 5.1 with Nibiru Store serving over 100 free VR games,App downloads. 
Built-in 9-axis Gyro
Our custom-made VR lenses offer the most immersive feeling with a 100 degrees Field Of View.
4000mAh High Capacity Li-Polymer Battery:
Providing a comparatively lengthy service life of 3.5 hours without sacrificing safety.
VR Input Method:
Supports the input in VR mode with multipie languages like Chinese,English,Russian,French,German,Italian,Spanish,Portuguese,Thai,Korean and Arabic.Gaze with head motions to select and touch the touchpad/click "OK" to input.
2K: Resolution 2560*1440,HDMI support to connect PC/Xbox One/Xbox 360/PS 4 Game Host.
Package Contents
1 x 3D Glasses
1 x Chinese-English  Manual       
1 x Earphone       
1 x USB cable        
1 x adapter   
1 x HDMI cable    
A pair of lenses
Note:1 This product is for adults.
         2 Not compatible with Xbox / PS series VR games, but ordinary games.
        3 When using this VR to connect PS 4, you need to turn off PS4 HDCP.
         Only compatible with Nibiru store APP, not compatible with Google Play / Google Cardboard APP.


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Q:How to use this All In One VR to connect PC / PS4 or Xbox one?

A:Step 1: The game console boot, VR boot.
Step 2: Use the HDMI cable to connect the HDMI input of the VR and the HDMI output of the game console.
Step 3: Open the VR main interface - select the tool - HDMI.
Complete the connection, you can see the main interface of the game console.
Note:Before using this VR to connect PS 4, you need to turn off PS4 HDCP.
Q:Does this VR can download youtube?
A:Yes,of course,
Q:How To get more Apps?
A:You can enter Nibiru Store, download the APP you need.
Q:How do you adjust the lens position?
A:It can not be adjusted. But under normal circumstances the lens does not need to be adjusted, because the lens has been designed for 0 to 600 degrees of myopia.
This product is suitable for most people. Please feel free to use.
Q:Can you use this with a phone also
A:No it can not be work with phone. Actually it is a smart device already. U do not need to use the phone any more. But u can copy and paste into your TF card if u want to watch the video or something else of your phone. And then just place into the headset and let it display.
Q:How many types videos and pictures can I use this VR to watch?
A:2D, 3D, pano360 ° , others.


Type:Android Headset                                                                        Color:Black
Quantity:1 Piece                                                                                  Material:ABS
Lens(spherical/aspherical):asphericalLens                                          Diameter:42mm
FOV:100 Degrees                                                                                Primary Button Type:Indirect Touch
Wearing Eyeglass Directly:N/A                                                          Headstrap Adjustable or Not:Adjustable
Other Featuers
CPU:S900 Quad-core 64-bit Cortex-A53      GPU:PowerVR G6230
OS:Nibiru operating system develop based on Android 5.1
RAM:3GB DDR3                                                                                ROM:16GB Flash
Display:IPS 5.5 inches TFT 2560*1440                                           Battery:4000 mAh Li-polymer battery
Internet Connection:Wifi 2.4G 802.11 B/G/N                                    Bluetooth:BT4.0 version
Gamut:≧72% NTSC                                                                          Refresh rate:60Hz
Lens Diameter:42mm optical resin glasses                                        Refraction Compensation:naked eyes with myopia under 600 degrees
Lens Material :high transparent optic resin(PMMA)                         LED Indicator:green/ red
Lens Structure:low dispersion aspherical                                          Sensor:9 axis sensor( 3 axis G-sensor, 3 axis earth inductor, 3 axis gyroscope)
I/O Ports:mini HDMI IN*1; Micro USB *1; TF card slot *1; Earphone jack *1
App Support:NIBIRU customized 2D/3D app、Google play、YouTube、Third party app etc
Picture:BMP,JPG, GIF, PNG                                                            Video:MP4;AVI (partial support)
Earphone:Support 3.5mm standard output                                        TF Card:Support Max 64GB
IPD & Focus Adjustment
IPD: N/A                                                                                            Focus: N/A
Dimensions & Weight
Dimensions:Product size (L x W x H): 22x 911.5 x 10.2 cm             Package size (L x W x H): 31x 22 x 12.5 cm
Weight: Product weight: 350g(No head wear)