xiaozhai BOBO VR Z4 Glasses with Bluetooth Remote Google Cardboard Pro for Iphone Android Smartphone

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 xiaozhai bobo vr z4 Glasses with Bluetooth Remote Google Cardboard Box Pro for Iphone Android Smartphone 2017 Biocular Immersive


1.Built-in 3D Headphones - BOBOVRZ4 includes integrated sound-proof earphones with heavy bass, which will immerse you in the new world you find

2. Compatible with all 4.0-6.0 inch smartphones, including both Apple and Android.

3. Total 120° immersion:

Made using high-quality materials, the 35mm focal distance with 120° viewing angles, creates a fully immersive experience.

4.What is BOBOVR Z4 used for?

With only a smartphone, you can stimulate a private cinema at home and watch IMAX 3D movies while relaxing. Feel the beauty of Mars, see the Imperial Palace, and experience Jurassic Park all from your own home.

5.Built with PET materials using sheet molding technology:

ThtTThe diaphragm is the core of earphone and is essential to the sound quality. For better sounds, engineers are always hunting for a diaphragm that is lighter, tougher, and has better transferring factors. That's why our excellent diaphragm, made with the best materials, great structure, and large size creates the best VR experience.